Real Estate Investments in the Blockchain World

Diversification, Stability, and Strong Returns for a Balanced Investment Strategy using our Real Estate-backed Cryptocurrency

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About Us

We are a team of multinational professionals passionate about taking real estate investment opportunities to the world market. 

Our vision is to give everyone around the globe, whatever their location, net-worth, or connections, the ability to invest and benefit from the North American real estate market. Our team, with over 30 years of experience dealing in real estate, has the knowledge, experience, network and the tools necessary to curate a portfolio of high-yielding properties with great potential for appreciation.

Through our secure platform, built on the Ethereum blockchain, you gain exposure to a multi-trillion dollar market of commercial real estate by purchasing our GRB coins. GRB is a cryptocurrency that is backed by hard, vetted, appreciating assets. The net asset value of the real estate provides a floor for the value of the currency. However, beyond the returns generated on the real estate investments, by increasing the size of our network, and on-boarding merchants to accept GRBs as a viable form of payment, we believe we will ensure the value of GRB will soar far above the net asset value of the real estate assets.

Join us in our journey to make the type of real estate investing normally available only to wealthy institutional investors and individuals, a reality for you, personally, wherever you are in the world.

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Capital set aside quarterly to buy back tokens to provide liquidity


Token transactions visible on blockchain and all acquisitions to be announced

Experienced team

Team with real estate, legal, equity, crypto and academic experience

Profit Sharing

Our token holders receive 60% of our operational profits

Token value growth

In addition to underlying real estate asset growth, 40% of operational profits are reinvested in the fund

Community Bounty

Coin bounties for participating in our community of peers, mentors, developers and service providers



Soft Launch

Go live to global markets with the GRB platform accepting four major cryptocurrencies.


ICO Close

Close of ICO. Final conversion of token sales into fiat currency. Real estate investment runway finalised.


First Investment

Close of first real estate investments. Listing of GRB on two cryptocurrency exchanges



First returns to GRB tokenholders of returns using public token buybacks.

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Our Team


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How many coins are available, and how many will be?
Which coins can be used to purchase GRB?
How will financial regulation affect Globalrebitcoin?
In the course of the ICO, are there any discounts available?
How are returns distributed to coin holders?
Will there be more chances to buy GRB?
Will GRB be traded on any exchanges?
What can I do with GRB?
Why are you doing this?
What experience do you have of the Toronto real estate market?
Which wallet should I use?
What is the blockchain?
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